Recipe for Killer Orange Raspberry Margaritas

How to make orange raspberry margaritas.

I’m a fan of the Cadillac margarita. Made with top shelf tequila and Grand Marnier orange liqueur. They are tasty but pricey. Then my sister introduced me to Chambord a very tasty luxurious raspberry liqueur made with raspberries, blackberries, black raspberries, black current, Madagascar vanilla and cognac.  So now my Cadillac margarita got tastier and pricier.  Here is how I make Orange Raspberry Margaritas now for a mere fraction of the cost…

Orange raspberry margarita with berries and lime.

How To Make Margaritas with Orange Liqueur and Raspberry Liqueur

Then I discovered Kirkland’s golden margarita at Cosco. These golden margaritas are ready to drink and made with 100% cane sugar, gold tequila, real lime juice and premium triple sec. I really really do not like high fructose corn syrup so I was very happy it had cane sugar. Then I got a small bottle of Chambord.

The Kirkland golden margaritas themselves taste like a Cadillac margarita. I use the golden margaritas, Chambord, berries and fresh lime to make my own margaritas at a mere fraction of the cost of what I pay when I buy one at a restaurant. I even served them at a baby shower I hosted last week – they were hit.

How to make orange raspberry margaritas using Golden Margaritas and Chambord.

The ingredients list is simple:

    • Kirkland golden margaritas from Costco
    • a bottle of Chambord
    • Fresh or frozen berries (I like the natures three berries mix that I get in the frozen section at Costco)
    • Fresh lime

Costco is known for their great pricing on bulk items. And their golden margaritas are no exception. You can get a great deal on them and have a lovely margarita to offer at your dinner parties.

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  1. golden Margarita ready -to – Drink. : where can we find this product at Costco store in Quebec (Canada) ?

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