Kids birthday party games at the park

Fun ideas for a toddler’s birthday party at the park

My oldest son just turned three last weekend. He loves to be outside, loves to run around and play. We decided to have a birthday party for my toddler at the park. I looked all over the Internet to try to find fun games and activities for children his age, ages 3 to 6 to do at the park. I did find some great fun ideas for things to do at the park but most of them were for older children or adults.

So, instead, I did some brainstorming for about a week and came up with these ideas which turned out to be a hit at my three-year-old son’s birthday party at the park:

Sidewalk chalk drawing competition

Toddler drawing on the sidewalk with chalk
Chalk drawing competition at toddlers birthday party
All the kids loved this game. It was so simple but so fun! I bought over 20 pieces of colored chalk from the Dollar Tree. There was a long stretch of blank white sidewalk at the park.

I gave everyone several pieces of chalk and asked them to make their best drawing. Then myself and two other parents went around and judged each piece of artwork it’s own category. This way everyone won a prize! We had “best ocean picture”, “best outerspace picture”, and so on…it was great!

Fun with silly string

Silly string for toddlers birthday party at the park
Okay this is just fun. Who doesn’t love silly string? As soon as I pulled out the cans the kids started to squeal and jump up-and-down! There was no real purpose to this game except to have fun. Some of the kids sprayed their silly string in a pile, others sprayed it on themselves, others sprayed it on their hair, others on the ground in neat designs. Afterwords they picked up their string and I put it in a bag to throw away, of course we clean up after ourselves!

Water balloon toss game at the park

Water balloons for a water balloon toss game for birthday party

Kids playing water balloon toss game
The water balloon toss game that we did at my son’s birthday party was by far the most popular game of the day! Not only did the kids love it but the parents got into it too. Had I known how popular this game would be I would’ve brought 4 to 5 times as many balloons as I did! We could’ve played 2 to 3 rounds of just this game.

We will definitely be doing this one again at our next birthday party at the park! Of course when we were done we picked up all the little pieces of balloons.

Playing in the sand with toys at the park

Playing in the sand with toys at the park

And of course, the classic that all kids love, playing in the dirt! We brought many different and unique toys and items for them to play with in the sand at the park. The kids loved it and so did other children that happened to be playing at the park who were not part of the party, of course we invited them to play with the toys too and everyone had a blast!

Another item that kids never tire playing with are bubbles. So of course we brought many little containers of bubbles for them to play with!

These games and activities that we did at my tobbler’s birthday party at the park were fun and very easy to plan. I hope these will help someone looking for ideas for games to play for their little ones birthday party at the park.

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